DC Town Hall Meeting

October 22, 2010

University of Maryland Hoff Theater

College Park, Maryland, USA

As part of the Solar and Space Science Decadal Survey, a one-day Town Hall Meeting will be held in the Hoff Theater at the University of Maryland on Friday October 22. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the community to discuss the Decadal Survey Process with members of the Survey Steering Committee and Panels, and to present ideas for concept papers (white papers).

The meeting will begin with an overview presentation of the Survey Process followed by a question and answer session between attendees and Survey Steering Committee and Panel members.

This session will be followed by presentations from community members on ideas for concept papers. Please note that the Decadal Survey encompasses all aspects of our science. Therefore, the concept papers are not limited to mission proposals, but include theory, observation, and modeling programs. Furthermore, the Decadal Survey will set science priorities for both NASA and NSF. Concepts for ground-based capabilities, including laboratory experiments, are also encouraged. Consult the NAS website above for details on the concept papers. The deadline for the submission of concept papers to the Survey is Nov 12, 2010.

The goal of this Town Hall Meeting is for preparers of concept papers to receive feedback from the community on their ideas and to facilitate collaborations that will lead to stronger papers. Since the concept papers will be the foundation for the Survey Report, which will set the science priorities for our field, it is essential that these community-produced papers address the most important science issues of our field in a compelling manner. Our hope is that this meeting will help facilitate production of the best possible concept papers.

If you plan to attend the Town Hall Meeting please send an e-mail to one of the orgaizers listed below on or before October 15. If you would like to present a concept paper at the meeting, include a brief abstract. For both include in the subject line:

DC Town Hall

We plan to allocate approximately 10 minutes per community presentation, but of course, this is contingent on the number of requests received. Due to the short time fuse, we expect that this meeting will be attended primarily by colleagues in the DC area, but broader participation is welcome. Discussion of regional or national collaborations is certainly encouraged.

We look forward to an interesting and productive Town Hall Meeting


Brian Anderson (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)
Spiro Antiochos (Goddard Space Flight Center)
James Drake (University of Maryland)
Michael Hesse (Goddard Space Flight Center)
Judith Lean (Naval Research Laboratory)

Meeting site

The workshop will be held at the University of Maryland Hoff Theater on October 22. The Hoff Theater is in the Adele H. Stamp Union. A Campus Map which shows the locations of both the Stamp Union and parking lots is available online. Parking lot #4 is directly adjacent to the Hoff Theater for those who arrive early. Parking lot #3 is available as an overflow lot. Parking is $15 for the day payable by credit card at a central meter. The meeting room will have an LCD projector for presentations.

Abstracts for presentations

Presenters should e-mail a short abstract in pdf format to the organizers by October 15. The abstracts will be posted on the meeting web site.

List of Participants

The list of participants along with e-mail addresses can be found here .

Schedule and Talks

A Schedule for the meeting with links to the presentations is now posted on the web site. Note that there is ample time allocated for discussion.

In case of any other questions about the meeting site and facilities please contact James Drake (phone: 301-405-1471). For any other questions contact any of the organizers.