Hirokazu Miyake


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Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. S. Barik, A. Karasahin, C. Flower, T. Cai, H. Miyake, W. DeGottardi, M. Hafezi, E. Waks
    A topological quantum optics interface
    Science 359, 666 (2018)
    arXiv:1711.00478 [quant-ph]
  2. S. Barik, H. Miyake, W. DeGottardi, E. Waks, M. Hafezi
    Two-Dimensionally Confined Topological Edge States in Photonic Crystals
    New Journal of Physics 18, 113013 (2016)
    arXiv:1605.08822 [physics.optics]
  3. J. Schachenmayer, D. M. Weld, H. Miyake, G. A. Siviloglou, A. J. Daley, W. Ketterle
    Adiabatic cooling of bosons in lattices to magnetic ordering
    Physical Review A 92, 041602(R) (2015)
    arXiv:1503.07466 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  4. C. J. Kennedy, G. A. Siviloglou, H. Miyake, W. C. Burton, W. Ketterle
    Spin-Orbit Coupling and Quantum Spin Hall Effect for Neutral Atoms without Spin Flips
    Physical Review Letters 111, 225301 (2013)
    arXiv:1308.6349 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  5. H. Miyake, G. A. Siviloglou, C. J. Kennedy, W. C. Burton, and W. Ketterle
    Realizing the Harper Hamiltonian with Laser-Assisted Tunneling in Optical Lattices
    Physical Review Letters, 111, 185302 (2013)
    arXiv:1308:1431 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  6. H. Miyake, G. A. Siviloglou, G. Puentes, D. E. Pritchard, W. Ketterle, and D. M. Weld
    Bragg Scattering as a Probe of Atomic Wavefunctions and Quantum Phase Transitions in Optical Lattices
    Physical Review Letters 107, 175302 (2011)
    arXiv:1108:5408 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  7. P. Medley, D. M. Weld, H. Miyake, D. E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle
    Spin Gradient Demagnetization Cooling of Ultracold Atoms
    Physical Review Letters 106, 195301 (2011)
    arXiv:1006:4674 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  8. D. M. Weld, H. Miyake, P. Medley, D. E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle
    Thermometry and refrigeration in a two-component Mott insulator of ultracold atoms
    Physical Review A 82, 051603(R) (2010)
    arXiv:1008.4610 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  9. D. M. Weld, P. Medley, H. Miyake, D. Hucul, D. E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle
    Spin Gradient Thermometry for Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices
    Physical Review Letters 103, 245301 (2009)
    arXiv:0908.3046 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  10. G. Bonvicini et al.
    Absolute branching fractions of Cabibbo-suppressed DKK decays
    Physical Review D 77, 091106(R) (2008)
    arXiv:0803.0793 [hep-ex]

RAND Corporation Publications

  1. Eric Landree, Hirokazu Miyake, Victoria A. Greenfield
    Nanomaterial Safety in the Workplace: Pilot Project for Assessing the Impact of the NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Center
    RR-1108-NIOSH, RAND Corporation, 2015.
  2. Christopher A. Mouton, Jia Xu, Endy M. Daehner, Hirokazu Miyake, Clarence R. Anderegg, Julia Pollak, David T. Orletsky, Jerry M. Sollinger
    Rescuing Downed Aircrews: The Value of Time
    RR-1106-AF, RAND Corporation, 2015.
  3. Lara Schmidt, Caolionn O'Connell, Hirokazu Miyake, Akhil R. Shah, Joshua Baron, Geof Nieboer, Rose Jourdan, David Senty, Zev Winkelman, Louise Taggart, Susanne Sondergaard, Neil Robinson
    Cyber Practices: What Can the U.S. Air Force Learn from the Commercial Sector?
    RR-847-AF, RAND Corporation, 2015.

Other Publications

  1. H. Miyake and N. Iqbal
    When Did You Learn About the Weirdness of Quantum Mechanics? The Role of Citizen-Scientists in Society
    American Physical Society Forum on Education Newsletter, Summer 2011

Other Press

  1. Students From the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School Discuss Physics, Education With Nation's Top Graduate Students
    PR Newswire, February 3, 2012