Huanchen Bao's Website

I graduated from the University of Virginia, under the supervition of Prof. Weiqiang Wang. I am currently (2015-) a Brin Postdoctoral Fellow in the University of Maryland, College Park. My mentor is Prof. Xuhua He. I was in the Institute for Advanced Study for the academic year 2016-2017. I was visiting the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics for the summer of 2015 (June to July), the summer of 2016 (June to August), and the summer of 2017 (June to August).

Here is a picture of me in the University of Virginia.

Picture from UVa

Contact Information

E-mail: (myfirstname)
Office: MATH 4104

Research interests

I am interested in the representation theory of Lie algebras, Lie superalgebras, quantum groups, and their connections to geometry and categorification; total positivity. Here is my CV.

Publications and preprints:

Published papers:
  1. Canonical bases arising from quantum symmetric pairs, Invent. Math. 213 (2018), 1099-1177.
    (joint with Weiqiang Wang)

  2. Geometric Schur duality of classical type, [Appendix by Bao, Li, and Wang], Transform. Groups 23 (2018), 329-389.
    (joint with Jonathan Kujawa, Yiqiang Li and Weiqiang Wang)

  3. Multiparameter quantum Schur duality of type B, Proc. AMS 146 (2018), 3203-3216.
    (joint with Hideya Watanabe and Weiqiang Wang)

  4. Kazhdan-Lusztig Theory of super type D and quantum symmetric pairs, Represent. Theory 21 (2017), 247-276.

  5. Canonical bases in tensor products revisited, Amer. J. Math. 138 (2016), 1731-1738.
    (joint with Weiqiang Wang)

  6. Categorification of quantum symmetric pairs I, to appear in Quantum Topology, arXiv:1605.03780v2.
    (joint with Peng Shan, Ben Webster and Weiqiang Wang)
Research Monograph
  1. A new approach to Kazhdan-Lusztig theory of type B via quantum symmetric pairs, Asterisque 402, 2018, vii+134pp.
    (joint with Weiqiang Wang)
  1. Positivity of i-canonical bases, arXiv:1809.01041.

  2. Addendum to "Canonical bases arising from quantum symmetric pairs, arXiv:1808.09388.
    (joint with Hideya Watanabe and Weiqiang Wang)

  3. A categorification of Hecke algebras with parameters 1 and v, arXiv:1804.04567.

Teaching-Fall 2018

MATH 808G--Introduction to categorification of quantum groups. Here is the course syllabus.