Dr Klaus Hubacek


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My main interests involve the modeling and analysis of socio-ecological systems. The Word Cloud gives you a quick visual overview by displaying the frequency of words used in my publications in different sizes.

I have conducted studies for a number of national agencies in Austria, China, Japan, UK, US, and international institutions such as the European Statistical Office, the OECD, the IUCN, the World Bank, and UNESCO.

Recently, I finished 3 special journal issues on different aspects of ecosystem services: Ecosystem Services, Governance and Stakeholder Participation in Ecology & Society; Urban Ecosystem Services in Landscape and Urban Planning; and Modelling Land Management for Ecosystem Services in the journal Regional Environmental Change.

Our ongoing research on embodied carbon emissions in trade has appeared in  international news outlets including ScienceNews, The Guardian, Le Mond, New Scientist, the German TV (WDR) and German Radio, and BBC's Material World.

 Recent interviews:
BBC's Science in Action on Virtual Water
    BBCs Material World
on the Water Footprint
    Deutschlandradio Kultur zu CO2 Emissionen in China
    Bridges about my research

    Austrian Broadcasting (ORF) Science News on Global Land Use
    BBC News on our PNAS article Outsourcing CO2 in China

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Room 1127, 2181 LeFrak Department of Geographical Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742 USA



Tel:+1 (301)405 4567


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Here are some examples of ongoing or recent  research projects:

Analysis of spatial growth patterns across South Asia (The World Bank)

Social Observatories Research Network

From Local Consumption to Global Impacts (NSF SESYNC)

Studying the Future of the Chesapeake Bay through Coupled Natural-human Systems Models (UMD CONE)

Modelling Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change (BSOS-UMD)

Europe's Low Carbon Future (Horizon 2020, EU Commission).


I am supervising PhD students on a wide range of topics such as 'Peak Oil', Adaptation to climate change, Virtual water flows, Sustainable Consumption, Land use governance, and ecosystem  services and  other related topics...

List of PhD students



In Press: “Targeted opportunities to address the climate-trade dilemma in China.” Nature Climate Change.

In Press: “Modeling the carbon consequences of pro-environmental consumer behavior.” Applied Energy.

In Press: “Comparing apples and oranges: some confusion about using and interpreting physical trade matrices versus multi-regional input-output analysis" Land Use Policy.

In Press. “Global Implications of China’s Future Food Consumption.”  Industrial Ecology .

2015. Drivers of U.S. CO2 emissions 1997-2013. Nature Communications

2015. “Reduced carbon emission estimates from fossil fuel combustion and cement production in China” Nature.

2015. Developing a conceptual framework for the attitude–intention–
behaviour links driving illegal resource extraction in Bardia National Park, Nepal. Ecological Economics.

2015. “Real and virtual Water Transfers for Regional Water Stress Alleviation in China.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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