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Calculus I

Lectures: ZZhour:00 - ZZhour:50 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in ZZroom

Instructor: Professor ZZname
Office: ZZoffice
Phone: ZZphone
Email: ZZemail@math.arizona.edu (Please include ``Math 125'' in the subject heading.)

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Office Hours

Office hours provide your best source of help in the course.

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There will be three in-class exams and a two-hour final exam. These exams are scheduled as follows.

Calculators may be used during exams, while books or notes may not. Indeed, some exams will require a graphing calculator. No calculator swapping is permitted during exams. You are responsible for being sure that your calculator is functioning and properly programmed for each exam. (TEST THE BATTERY AND DEBUG THE PROGRAMS BEFOREHAND!)

The three in-class exams will be worth 100 points each. Make-up exams are rarely given.

The two-hour Final Exam will be worth 200 points; it will be based on the entire course but will emphasize later material not covered on previous exams. It will be common for all Math 125 sections, but will not be the same as the Math 124 common final.

If you miss the Final Exam, and if by the next day you present a well-documented excuse showing that for reasons beyond your control it was absolutely impossible for you to take the Final Exam, and if you have a passing grade at the time of the Final Exam, then you will receive a grade of ``I'' for the course. In all other cases a score of zero will be assigned for the Final Exam and your course grade evaluated accordingly.

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Homework is an essential component of the course. It will be assigned regularly. Selected homework will be graded and a total score equivalent to one test, 100 points, will be assigned.

When and Where to Turn in Your Homework. Each Homework assignment should be turned in no later than its due date by either:

Assignments turned in late will be recorded, but may not be graded for full credit.

How Each Homework Should Look. Your homework should be neat and legible. You should give the number of each problem attempted and the work for each problem should be indicated clearly. (There should be no arrows running around or between pages!) The reasoning behind each answer should be given. Your answers should be presented in the order that the problems are assigned. If you use more than one sheet of paper, they should be stapled together. The top of the first page should include: your name, our course and section number, my name, and the date the assignment is due.

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Your course grade will be based on the sum of your scores on the three in-class exams (maximum of 100 points each), the Final Exam (maximum of 200 points), and your total homework score (maximum of 100 points). The maximum total score possible for the course is 600 points. The point cutoffs for course grades will be no higher (and will most likely be lower) than those set forth in the following table:

Qualitative factors such as your class participation will also be taken into account when determining your course grade.

The course grade of ``I'' will be awarded only if all the following conditions are met:

  1. You have completed all but a small portion of the required work.
  2. You have an average grade of ``D'' or better on the work completed.
  3. You have a valid reason for not completing the course on time.
  4. You agree to make up the material within a short period of time.
  5. You ask for the incomplete no later than the day after the final exam.

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Bulletin Board

I will use the Bulletin Board to post the homework assignments and other announcements. It also provides a place for students in Math 125-ZZsec to contact each other and to exchange ideas.

WARNING: Notices on the Bulletin Board do not necessarily reflect course policy, and might be misleading or even erroneous. When in doubt, check with me. Old notices will be automatically removed from the Bulletin Board.

If the Bulletin Board is to be maintained and available for student use, everyone must use good judgement about what they post. Here are some guidelines.

Good Things to Post: Requests for study partners.
  Plans for a study session.
  Requests for help on a homework problem.
  Recommendations of helpful resources.
  Brief messages (single short paragraphs).
  Things Not to Post: Any kind of personal remark or information.
  Notices containing language that is in poor taste.
  What you believe is the answer to a homework problem.
  Any large amount of material.
  Material that is not directly related to Math 125-ZZsec .

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