Math 246 Exams, Spring 2003

There will be three in-class exams and a two-hour final exam. These exams and their (optional) review sessions are scheduled as follows. Calculators, books, or notes may not be used during exams.

The three in-class exams will be worth 100 points each. Make-up exams are rarely given (three times in the past fifteen years).

The two-hour Final Exam will be worth 200 points. It will be based on the entire course but will emphasize later material not covered on previous exams. It will be common for all Math 246 sections.

If you miss the Final Exam, and if by the next day you present a legitimate, well-documented excuse showing that for reasons beyond your control it was absolutely impossible for you to take the Final Exam, and if you have a passing grade at the time of the Final Exam, then you will receive a grade of ``I'' for the course. In all other cases a score of zero will be assigned for the Final Exam and your course grade evaluated accordingly.