Math 246H Bulletin Board, Fall 2000

The Bulletin Board provides a place for students in Math 246H to contact each other and to exchange ideas. It is an optional tool for student use. All essential announcements from me will be posted on ``The Headlines'' section of the Math 246H Homepage.

WARNING: Notices on the Bulletin Board do not necessarily reflect course policy, and might be misleading or even erroneous. When in doubt, check with me. Old notices will be automatically removed from the Bulletin Board.

If the Bulletin Board is to be maintained and available for student use, everyone must use good judgement about what they post. Here are some guidelines.

Good Things to Post: Requests for study partners.
  Plans for a study session.
  Requests for help on a homework problem.
  Recommendations of helpful resources.
  Brief messages (single short paragraphs).
  Things Not to Post: Any kind of personal remark or information.
  Notices containing language that is in poor taste.
  What you believe is the answer to a homework problem.
  Any large amount of material.
  Material that is not directly related to Math 246 .