MATH/AMSC 420 Homeworks, Spring 2012

(23 April version)

There will be nine homework assignments:

They will be listed below during the semester. New additions to the list will be announced on the homepage of the website. Each assignment is worth 10 points.

Individual Homework Assignments

Group Homework Assignments relating to Midterm Project

Group Homework Assignments relating to Final Project


Groups will be set up for the midterm project shortly after the second individual homework assignment is due. Different groups will be set up for the final project shortly after the midterm project is due. We will try to make the second set of groups as different from the first as possible. Each person in a group must participate in the group's oral presentation as well as its written report and group homeworks.

Academic Integrity

In accordance with campus policy, on every assignment submitted each student should write by hand and sign the University Honor Pedge: The basic principle to keep in mind is to avoid respresenting the work of others as your own. Individual homework assignments should be done individually. For group homework assignments and projects, input from sources outside the group (other than the instructors) should be cited.