Math 151a Homework, Fall 2014

(1 December version)

Below are the weekly homework assignments. Eight of these will be collected in class on the due date. They may be turned in early, but not late. These each will be graded on a scale of 20 points. Your five best scores will be applied to your total homework score. The uncollected assignments cover material that will be tested on subsequent exams, so should be studied.

Homework Assignments

  1. due Friday, 10 October
  2. due Friday, 17 October
  3. due Friday, 24 October
  4. due Friday, 31 October
  5. Wednesday, 5 November (not collected)
  6. due Friday, 14 November
  7. due Friday, 21 November
  8. Wednesday, 26 November (not collected)
  9. due Friday, 5 December
  10. due Friday, 12 December