Math 135 Review Material, Winter 2015

You may download some calculus and Math 33b review material here. They are pdf files.
If there are other topics that you would like to see here then please ask.

Review of Calculus

  1. Techniques of Integration (22 January version)
    An introduction to partial fractions runs from the bottom of page 6 through page 8.
    It shows how to find the constants quicky when the denominator has simple real roots.
    A more complete presentation is on pages 22-28. It shows how to find the constants
    quickly when the denominator has real roots of any multiplicity, or complex roots.

Review of First-Order Differential Equations

  1. Introduction to First-Order Equations (29 January version)
  2. Linear Equations (29 January version)
  3. Separable Equations (29 January version)
  4. General Theory (29 January version)
  5. Graphical Methods (29 January version)
  6. Applications (29 January version)
  7. Numerical Methods (29 January version)
  8. Exact Differential Forms and Integrating Factors (29 January version)
  9. Special Equations and Substitution (29 January version)