I teach in the Masters of the Library Science program at the iSchool, specifically courses offered through the School Library and Diversity and Inclusion specializations. Some of the school library specialization courses that I teach are the "Collaborative Instructional Design and Evaluation", "Internship in School Library Programs" and "School Librarians as Information Professionals". I teach the "Diverse Populations, Inclusion and Information" and "Information and Universal Usability" courses in the Diversity and Inclusion Specialization. I will soon be teaching courses in the Youth Experience specialization, a brand new specialization that I co-developed with my colleagues.

Course Descriptions

School Librarians as Information Professionals [LBSC640] Collaborative Instructional Design and Evaluation [LBSC742] Internship in School Library Programs [LBSC744] Information and Universal Usability [LBSC622] Diverse Populations, Inclusion and Information [LBSC620]