FakeCAS is a collection of CGI scripts in Perl (using Template::Toolkit) which mimics a CAS (Central Authentication Service) server. Or more precisely, a central unauthentication server, as it basically allows you to "authenticate" as any username without a password.

It only supports basic authentication (optionally with renew or gateway flags), but does not handle proxy stuff (and given its complete lack of authentication, probably a good thing). It does, however, go through all the motions of a real CAS server, with following exceptions:

This package is intended to be used to assist with debugging CAS applications. With it, you redirect the application's CAS client to use the FakeCAS server, then can log in as different people and see how the application behaves for different users. This can be difficult if you can only have one account on the real CAS server; with FakeCAS you can be whoever you want to be.


Current version is 1.0