A port of CMU dhcpd to Digital Unix

I was interested in the Carnegie Mellon University version of dhcpd, a dhcpd server that handled bootp over dhcp (eg static dhcp address assignment) that we needed for Win95 clients in a nice fashion, allowing everything to be put into our familiar bootptabs. Unfortunately, the CMU people didn't port it to Digital Unix, but fortunately the port was not too bad. So presenting the following to offer to any other DU people interested in CMU dhcpd.

NOTE: No guarantees or warrantees of any sort are provided for any of this. It seems to have worked for me, so I'm sharing it. At the time this is being written, the patches, etc described are not officially supported by CMU dhcpd development team and may very well break things. Use at your own risk.


CMU dhcp-3.3.7 distribution ( download) with addition of Princeton patches 1-6 (download)
AlphaStation 500 running Digital Unix 4.0b
Used gcc 2.8.1, although DEC cc also seemed to work. Lots of warnings either way.


A patch file is available reflecting the changes listed below.

  1. Both dhcp.c and main.c refer to a struct rtentry defined in net/route.h but which seems to correspond to the old (4.3 compatability mode) structure ortentry. Change rtentry in dchp.c and main.c to RTENTRY, add entry to defs.h setting RTENTRY to rtentry unless _USE_OLD_RTENTRY_ set in which case goes to ortentry. Also set _USE_OLD_RTENTRY in defs.h if alpha
  2. defs.h defines int32 as long. Alpha's long is 8 bytes under DEC cc and gcc. main.c seems to insist (with assert) that there is no padding in bootp structure, and of course count is wrong with an 64bit int32. Not sure why it cares about padding, but figure safest to make int32 really 32bits (eg set to int).
  3. Problem with netinet/ip.h include file; if __STDC__ set to 1 when it reads this file (as is the case with gcc by default) if skips over definition of members ip_hl and ip_v (defining ip_vhl instead) for struct ip. ping.c wants wants the 2 bitfields ip_hl, ip_v. Similar behaviour if _KERNEL or _NO_BITFIELDS defined. Modify ping.c to use ip_vhl in place of ip_hl if _USE_IP_VHL defined, and set defs.h to define _USE_IP_VHL if __alpha and one of above set.
  4. Modify makefile to remove -I/usr/include line; make it an optional SYS_INCLUDES variable. Problem is, /usr/include is DEC cc include files, not gcc include files; and gcc knows where to find it's includes unless we set this to system include directories. Also put in optional BIN_DIR for binaries to get installed.
  5. There's a dummy syslog.h with the distribution, but defs.h doesn't actually bother to load it in if we don't have syslog.h. Now it does.
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