Sources for Tom's Public Domain Sheet Music Library

These are the sources from which the lilypond input is derived. These were all published in the USA prior to 1923. From the US Copyright Office, Circular #22

  Therefore,  the  U.  S. copyright in any work published or copyrighted
   prior  to  January  1,  1923, has expired by operation of law, and the
   work  has  permanently  fallen  into  the  public domain in the United
So it appears that these sources are now in the public domain in the USA (and any original content I added in deriving from these sources I also place in the public domain). Their public domain status in other countries is not clear, and so I request that they only be downloaded for use in the US.

I am not a lawyer, and so anyone downloading these files does so at their own risk. No guarantees or warranties of any kind regarding the public domain status of the files, or their suitability for any purpose whatsoever is provided. To download the files, you will be asked for an username and password, enter ForUseInUS (note: case sensistive) for both. By entering this username/password combination you are agreeing to release me and the University of Maryland from any liability concerning the public domain status and/or suitability of these files.

If you believe one or more of these files is NOT in the public domain, please contact me as soon as possible (email payerle AT I will certainly remove any questionable files until their status can be resolved.

The sources

Abbreviation Title Copyright/Publication information
BaptHymn Baptist Hymnal (c) 1883 American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia
B1000S The Book of a Thousand Songs Editted and (c) 1918 Albert E. Wier
(c) assigned Jan 5, 1920 to World Syndicate Co, Inc.
(c) assigned Nov 3, 1922 to Mumil Publishing Co, Inc, NY
ExHym The Excelsior Hymnal for Sunday Schools,
Young People's Societies
and Other Departments of Church Work
Edited by I. H. Meredith and Grant Colfax Tullar,
Published by Tullar-Meredith Co., New York City.
(c) 1919 by Tullar-Meredith Co., New York.
GospPearls Gospel Pearls (c) 1921, Sunday School Publishing Board
National Baptist Convention, USA
JubPr Jubilant Praise (c) 1909 The United Society of Christian Endeavor, Boston MA