Gifts of the Spirit

The room was aglow with the joy of the multitude of hearts recently ignited by the Spirit of God. Yet despite the love and joy filling the room, there was an expectant air among the crowd as we waited for the angel of the Lord to give us our card. For on that card was printed an aspect of our great God, who in His magnamity was calling each of us in our lives to be a living symbol of that characteristic of Himself. The card held by the man on my right said "Generosity," and with a joyous heart he went off to give of himself to all in need. Across the room, a man glanced at his card, and finding himself filled with the Wrath of God, left the room crying out against all the injustice in the world. A woman to my left, whose card simply said "Forgiveness," followed after him, as did a man exuding the love of the Lord.

One by one they left the room to bring God, or at least one aspect of Him, to the awaiting world. A woman carrying a card labelled "Beauty" left, the room still echoing with the joyous strains of her aria. A man with the Justice of the Lord. Joy, Peace, Creator, Father, Mother, Friend, Mercy, Wisdom, Strength, Dependability. One by one they left the room to serve their God, until I was left alone in the room.

I read the word on my card, and the empty room suddenly felt cold, its coldness draining all the warmth from my heart. Tears welled up in my eyes as I slowly walked towards the door, knowing that not even the previous occupants of the room would have time to console me. When I got to the door I took one last glance towards the center of the roof, where only a short while ago a tongue of flame ignited this heart of mine, already extinguished. This was not what I wanted, but the promises of love are to be kept. And I was still capable of love, though a part of me wished otherwise. I took a deep and heavy breath and left the room, leaving behind only a crumpled card with the word "Loneliness" on it.

2 November 1995