This page--in progress--includes some links related to my recent book, Conjoining Meanings (OUP, 2018).
Here is a précis.

There will be a triple-review in Mind and Language, probably in the November 2019 issue.
Gillian Ramchand
has posted a draft of her comments via her website/blog.
David Pereplyotchik has also posted a draft of his comments, "Whither Extensions" (scroll down the page).
And here is draft of my responses.


There will also be a book symposium in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Zoltan Szabo
has posted a draft of his comments via his website.

The book is part of Oxford's Context and Content series. I gave a series of Context and Content Lectures, at the Institut Jean Nicod, based on an early draft in 2013.