Sowmya Subramanian

Graduate Student


Sowmya Subramanian



office:  1.301.405.1897




2201 J.M. Patterson Building (#083),

University of Maryland

College Park, MD, USA, 20742

I think Engineering is Simplicity with grace.


For my Master's I worked on label free detection of pathogens in food samples using a carbon-nanotube based field effect transistor. I helped develop the protocols for testing the devices and for using them to detect baterial DNA obtained from real E.coli cells.


I also worked on an isothermal DNA amplification technique called LAMP or Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification.


For my PhD I am working on a new meethod of biofilm detection, characterization and treatment. My PhD project focuses on developing an integrated sensor-treatment system that can be applied towards in vivo biofilm detection and treatment.