Hyung (Nuna) by Star

Nunu Nana by Star

White Love Story by Star

Fix You by Star

On Rainy Days by Star


About Me

Hi! I am Star who is a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at Johns Hopkins University. I am a human factors (human-computer interaction) engineer with a Biomedical Human Research certification. My specialty of research is designing and creating user optimized products by identifying users' limitations, characteristics, and capabilities from data. Through years of research experience, I became competent in designing and conducting both qualitative and quantitative research and visualizing and analyzing data using R and MATLAB. Despite the focus in engineering, I am also familiar with UX design tools including Adobe XD and Illustrator.

I am a bilingual (Korean and English). I studied Latin and Japanese for a year and Chinese for 3 years. I learned languages because it can help me understand the way people think and behave. Plus, I thought it would be fun to travel or live in Japan, China, and Taiwan.