Meet the Teachers

From left to right, Kate Williams, Toriah McCorkle, Vera Wiest

Taking Care of Our World

Welcome! We are the Green Room summer camp at the Center for Young Children on the University of Maryland College Park campus. There are 14 mostly 5-year-old rising kindergarten children in the Green Room.

This summer's focus is on taking care of our world. At the beginning of camp children are presented with only 3 rules: take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of our world. Our world, in this senario, relates to the physical world that the children can actually touch, see, and feel. This is sometimes known as the "here and now". The concept of taking care of the whole planet would be too far reaching and incomprehensible to children of this age.

Using the Maryland State kindergarten readiness rubrics, this web site would like to demonstrate how many of these skills are strengthened through our in-depth study of "Taking Care of Our World".