Taking Care of Our World

Summer Camp Week 3- July 6, 2015     Lesson Plans
Connecting with the previous weeks recycle focus, a field trip to the Montgomery County Recycle Center was planned. The Recycling Center was very impressive with conveyor belts going in every direction and workers lined up tossing recyclables in appropriate bins. The noise from the machines was so loud the children had to wear ear plugs. After the tour we were given a presentation that emphasized how recyclables are sorted and what type of things are made from these sorted items.

The second field trip of the week was a walking trip on campus to visit a solar tracker and to see one of the electric vehicles it charges. This activity was presented by Eric Wachsman The Dad of one of our campers. He also gave a tour through the Engineering Lab and introduced the children to a fuel cell that extremely energy efficient.

Recycle Center


Recycle Center Book



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Water Wheel


Green Roof


Electric Car


Fuel Cell



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The cooking project for week 3, squash fritters, utilized yellow squash from the school garden. Almost every child liked it! The recipe involved grating the squash, adding an egg, some salt and pepper, chives (also from the garden), and frying it in an electric frying pan.