Taking Care of Our World

Summer Camp Week 4- July 13, 2015     Lesson Plans
On Monday campers learned how the Center for Young Children earned Maryland Green School and Eco-School USA awards. With the Yellow Room, Green Room children looked at the CYC's Green School pages to see images of all the things they already did that helped earn these school awards, such as recycle, plant gardens, and use both sides of the paper.

On Friday students visited the Community Forklift, a store that resells old building materials. Ruthie, Meg, and George put on a skit showing two ways damaged buildings could handle their debris. They did this using boxes and other props giving the children a simple visual to get the point across that it is more environmentally advantageous to resell old building rather than shipping it to a landfill .

Green School


Making Recycled Paper



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Aluminum Can Robot




Community Forklift





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Wind and Bubbles

While playing with bubbles outside one child noted that the wind was blowing his bubbles. This related to a form of energy that had been discussed the week before. The children also tried to melt crayon shavings on a rock in the sun to see the power of the sun's heat. Getting outside and moving while learning helps make connections during play.

PD.1.1.B Demonstrate locomotor skills with control, coordination, and balance during active play.