Week Four    Lesson Plan

Dentist DentistVisit Dr. Baker, a dentist, came in to answer some of the children's questions about teeth. She showed them what she had to wear for work, then she dressed several children up as teeth and let others brush them with a giant toothbrush!

SurveySurveyChildren conducted a survey prior to the visit from a dentist. They asked children in 5 other classrooms, “Have you ever visited a dentist?” Students used stickers to track responses on their chart, which encouraged one to one correspondence. As a class, we then combined our results from all classrooms on a chart and counted the number of children who responded yes and no. This promoted students sense of cardinality. After identifying the number of yes and no responses, children compared the quantities including less and more. ~K. Bobotek

DancingLimbo On Tuesday the children explored how muscles work together while dancing. Some of the dances campers did were the Hokey Pokey, Down in the Valley and the Limbo Rock.

YogaYogaUsing the book, Children's Yoga Book, by Thia Luby, and a set of Yoga Pretzel cards, campers explored different Yoga poses. Next they had a chance to share their own pose while classmates tried to copy them.



Literacy/Art This week's author was Ludwig Bemelman. We learned that Bemelman had a daughter and used her as inspiration for some of his stories. Madeline, a character in his stories, was also his wife's name. One child was inspired to draw her family.

Recreation Center Trip Rec CenterA short walk from the CYC is the Epply Recreation Center and the children took a tour to see the many different rooms full of exercise equipment. The favorite room was the martial arts room with it's padded floors and walls just perfect for running around in. The next day the children made a book of the field trip by dictating and writing captions on pictures from their tour.

Body Art PaintingThis project has been taking place over the past several weeks. Children painted and decorated tracings of their body, next they measured something on the tracings with standard measurements and non-standard measurements. Children were asked, "What makes your body healthy?" and these words were written on the tracings. Lastly children shared their creation with the class at a group meeting.

Cooking Eggs Cooking EggsOur cooking project for the week was an egg dish from one of our families' recipes. Each child had an opportunity to crack an egg and mix up their own "egg cup".

First crack and beat an egg, then add finely chopped vegetables, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture into a greased muffin tin and top with shredded cheese. Next bake them at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Music Picture of the Week Music ClassThe music teacher Ms. Tevelow taught everyone a Philippine game similar to Simon Says. Children took turns leading the game.

Maryland Curriculum Standards

Social Studies- Engage in field work that relates to the topic/ situation/ problem being studied

Extensive field work has been done thus far with the healthy body study. This weeks visit from Dr. Baker would fit into this category as well as the trip to the health center to view different types of exercises.

Science- Examine a variety of physical models and describe what they teach about the real things they are meant to resemble.

When Dr. Baker visited she showed several models of teeth along with some real teeth. She also had the children dress up as teeth and let them demonstrate how to brush and floss. One child remarked that the inbetweens of the children dressed up as teeth did not get brushed. That is when Dr. Baker brought out a rope to use as floss!

Math- Display data on real graphs 

Each child had the opportunity to survey children from different classrooms by asking "Have you ever been to a dentist". The results were compiled on a master graph to see the results.