Week Five    Lesson Plan


Colleen Davis, a UMD sports nutritionist, came to answer some of the children's questions about nutrition. When asked why ice cream was bad for you, she replied that it was OK to eat some treats each week, just to make sure that you eat mostly healthy foods the rest of the time. She also told the children that rotten food had bacteria or germs in it.

UMD Health Center

Julia Matute greeted the children at the UMD Health Center. She and her colleagues toured the children around the center to teach them about the importance of washing hands, what x-rays and bones look like, what a pharmacy and a lab were and to introduce them to some health professionals. At each stop around the center children were given an item to fill a reusable Health Center bag with.


Zumba/Yoga Class

The Red Room walked back to the Eppley Rec Center again but this time to take a class. Everyone enjoyed the lively music and Zumba actions immensely. To cool down children followed Yoga poses for each letter of the alphabet including C for cobra and D for downward dog.


Campers made hummus with a can of chick peas and a blender and put it in a small bowl. This became the head of veggie man. Other vegetables were added to make the body and the spine was made with cucumbers. This became a fun healthy treat for the afternoon.

Bookswriting books

Campers dictated and wrote words to go with pictures taken during the Rec Center and Health Center field trips. Many children shared the books and therefore the experiences with their parents.


This week's author was Gerald McDermott. He retells animal folk tales using paintings with bold colors and lines in his books. Children particularly liked Zomo an African tale about a rabbit that tricked some animals to get what he wanted. Campers used black paper and oil pastels and tempera paints to experiment with McDermott's style.


Ms. Portelea, helped children learn to use lacrosse sticks. In addition campers were able to try t-ball and use hockey sticks. Some friends had never tried these pieces of equipment. These are all sports activities that the children may enjoy later through life.

Maryland Curriculum Standards

Literacy- Blend sounds and syllables to form words

Teachers helped children sound out words so they could participate in write captions for images taken on a field trip.

Reading- Acquire new vocabulary through listening to a variety of texts on a daily basis

A variety of information books are available for children everyday. Some of the new vocabulary words learned this summer were, hydrated, protein, grain, nutrition, and athlete.

Math- Explore the weight of objects

At the Health Center children were weighed on a doctor's scale. The following day campers used a scale to record their weight. A few of the weights were sorted and presented on graph.