Week Six    Lesson Plan

Exercise InstructorExercise Valerie Wiest, a pilates instructor, brought some lively music and exercise games to share with the children. She taught them jumping jacks, lunges and planks. A favorite game was exercise red light, green light.

Labeled BodyLabeled body Ms. Bobotek presented a tracing of her body for the children to draw things that are inside of a body on. Some of the parts students thought to draw were, blood, the brain, heart and intestines. Information books were used to help with ideas and spelling. Afterwards they labeled the different parts.


By this time in the project children could identify where different organs were located. This drawing was done while observing a human model with removable parts.

Literacy/Art- This week's author was Peggy Rathmann. Although not her award winning book, The Day paintingthe Babies Crawled Away, was a big hit. The art work had colorful watercolor backgrounds with black silhouettes of the characters on top. After nap some children worked on their own water color pictures and added construction paper cut outs to emulate Rathmann's illustrations.

Culmination VideoiPad video

For the last two weeks the students worked on an iPad video to showcase what they had learned. Children were put into pairs where one child asked a question from the first week and the other child answered it based on the information they had learned through summer camp. Children helped type in the questions and do the recording.

Everyone decided to have a party and invite families to see the video with a picnic afterwards. Children wrote invitations with a little help. There was a great turn out and the video was well received.

Below is an image of the picnic where parents shared food, conversation, and good will.


Cooking Zucchini MuffinsMaking muffins

The children grated a hugh zucchini to make muffins for the culmination party. The recipe can be found at news.health.com. Some came back for seconds. They had decided to cook something healthy for the party, muffins instead of cupcakes.

Maryland Curriculum Standards

Science- Draw pictures that correctly portray at least some features of the thing being described and sequence events (seasons, seed growth).

While labeling the body tracing, children discussed how food goes from your mouth to your stomach and then the intestines. They talked about the heart muscle and how it pumps blood through the different parts of the body and included that in their sketch.

Mathematics-Explore the capacity of containers

Measuring cups are used as tools in the water table and at the pool. These cups are also used to measure precisely the ingredients for cooking projects. Children took turns carefully measuring the zucchini, oil, flour etc. when they made muffins.

Social Studies-Identify the roles, rights, and responsibilities of being a member of the family and school

While planning the culmination party for their families children thought about how some parents may not be able to come due their jobs. Campers made preparations for their family members by thinking of items they may need for the party such as bigger chairs and extra water.