Butterflies and Bugs: Summer Camp 2016

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Meet the Teachers

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Many thanks to my co-teacher Gisel Diaz (middle) and our hard working aide Troiah McCorkle (left). -Vera Wiest (right)

A sampling of the Kindergarten Common Core and Maryland State Curriculum Standards can be found on each page. Standards from all disciplines are met naturally by investigating a worthy topic in depth .



Welcome to the Yellow Room. We are a summer camp class of rising kindergartens from the University of Maryland's Center for Young Children. Our camp is six weeks long. This summer we are studying butterflies and bugs. There are twenty children in our class. In our room we have pets. The children go to the pool two times each week. Visit the CYC summer camp site to learn more about our program.

The curriculum format used for this summer camp is the Project Approach. The beauty of the Project Approach is that the topic chosen is one that appeals to the children in such a way that they are engaged and motivated to learn. Although bugs seems like a fairly large topic, due to the short duration of camp (6 weeks) it was necessary to select the topic in advance, the children will help to narrow it down by their interest.

Also of importance is getting the children outside with nature. For one reason or another many children do not have ample opportunity to explore the out of doors. With a nod to the Forest School concept, the Yellow room bug-studying children will be able to spend much time outside investigating during the bug project. Hopefully this will contribute to a love of nature and translate into citizens that care more for their natural environment.

The Yellow Room