Photography: Summer Camp 2013


The curriculum format used for this summer camp is the Project Approach. The beauty of the Project Approach is that the topic chosen is one that appeals to the children in such a way that they are engaged and motivated to learn.

A sampling of the Maryland State Curriculum Standards can be found on each page. Standards from all disciplines are met naturally by investigating a worthy topic in depth .



Welcome to the Purple Panther Room. We are a summer camp class of rising second graders from the Maryland, D.C. area. Our camp is six weeks long. This summer we are studying photography. There are sixteen children in our class. In our room we have four pets, a guinea pig, two hermit crabs and and angel fish. Visit our school summer camp site.

You can view our photographs on the Slide Show page!

The Purple Panthers

Many thanks to my co-teacher Cait Cleesattel (right) and our hard working aide Tia McDonald (left). -Vera