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Me with other SGC students in front of a T-Rex at the Museum of Natural History


Hello! My name is Kyle Reese, and I am an undergraduate Math major here at the University of Maryland. Some of my hobbies inlude competing in tournaments, watching movies and listening to music, and learning all that I can about Math! Surprisingly, I haven't always loved math (in fact, it was one my more disliked subjects). During my third year of high school, however, I experienced a change of heart and learned to love the beauty of math. My current goal is learn as much as I possibly can about math. My ultimate goal, along with becoming a mathematician, is being able to spread this love about math.

It is clear we live in a society in which math is seen as a sort of necessary evil that any who pass through the education system must experience - the amount of times I've heard "Math? I hated math in high school!" as a response to my major is evidence of this. Despite this, I think everyone has the ability to understand, if not at least appreciate, the beauty of mathematics. And trust me, there is beauty in mathematics, beauty comparable to the antiquated paintings, sculptures, and compositions of human history. Euler, Pythagoras, and Cantor stand alongside Mozart, Da Vinci, and Shakespeare in their ability to uncover the beauty of this universe we inhabit. It is my goal to be able to spread awareness of this beauty, and spread the love of such a profound system that exists right under our noses. This is a large task, but there are a group of dedicated math-lovers just like me who wish to increase the appreciation of math in our society. It will not be easy, but it is certainly possible.

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3 Brown 1 Blue is a wonderful YouTube channel that encapsulates my goal of math: being able to spread the beauty of math in terms that anyone who is willing to think can understand. It's popularity attests to interest in mathematics.

The famous Euler Identity

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This image is a clear example of mathematical beauty. Although I can't claim to understand fully the richness of this identity (not yet, at least), it's beauty is evident to anyone who understands the terms: "e" and pi, two transcendental, irrational numbers, and "i", the representation of the square root of -1. Combine these three seemingly unrelated mathematical concepts in a certain way and you get, against all notions of common sense, -1. Further, this identity's beauty derives simply from the fact that it is correct; its proofs have been checked an innumerable amount of times by veritable mathematicians. Just imagine: such a mathematical property is intrinsic to our universe. Although identities such as these are more "flashy" than other forms of math, mathematical truths are what fascinate me about the field, and the fun in math is derived from the ability to discover these truths - again, truths that are intrinsic to the universe - on one's own. It is entirely possible that, as a mathematician, you shed light on a fundmanetal aspect of the universe. This is a titillating and breathtaking prospect, and one that can be seen in the simplicity of Euler's Identity.

At Universal Studios

Here I am with my sister and her fiance posing with the infamous Dr. Doom. I love to spend time with these two, and can confidently say they are two of my best friends.

At the Koshland Museum; Included is a picture of Marian Koshland!

Here I am standing with the fossil of a Triceratops!