Math 246 Extra Credit Projects, Spring 2009

(11 May version)

Many of you have been assigned individual extra credit projects. Most of these projects will consist of a sequence of phase-plane portraits, each of which has a caption (paragraph) that explains what the portrait shows and perhaps presenting supporting analysis. Together, these portraits and their captions should tell a story. For example, for a nonlinear problem they might explain where the stationary points are located and how their stability is changing. Your entire project should be combined into a single pdf file and e-mailed to me by Tuesday, May 12. Please name your pdf file:

"XxxxxY.pdf" where Xxxxx is your last name and Y is the initial letter of your first name. No spaces!

You get 20 points when it is posted below. Outstanding ones will get an additional 5 points --- a total of 25 points.

Projects (listed alphabetically by student)